Quantitative Research Methods

In research, choosing the right methodology is imperative. It should always comply with the research objectives. Quantitative research methods are used to, as the name suggests, quantitative. Whenever, an individual, company or an institution wants to figure out a numerical data about consumer behavior, or organizational performance, the methodology choose by them is quantitative research methods.human-668298_960_720

Quantitative research methods are used to find a clear base on which future strategies can be established. For instance if a company finds out there are ‘X’ number of people who wish to use a particular kind of product, the company evaluates the profit and loss after which they make their business decisions.

There are various ways to conduct quantitative researches. The online reviews are popular in the era of the internet; however, there are certain guidelines from which online surveys are formed.

For example, online surveys should always contain close ended questions because the attention span of the users of the internet ranges from 2-5 minutes. To clarify it, close-ended questions are questions that only demands yes or no regarding answer. Some examples of close-ended questions are, “Do you go to the Gym,” “Do you eat Meat,” and so on.

Another example of quantitative research is the door to door surveys which was a popular variable couple of years ago. Organizations that are traditional in its approach still choose this method. In door to door survey process, people are asked to fill a questionnaire in a particular setting at their home. People are more comfortable in their family environment, so they tend to open up more.

In the end, quantitative research method is considered to have high accuracy level due to the processes involved. There are many ways to conduct the quantitative studies. For as long as the specified guidelines are followed it will lead to reliable results.