Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are used to find out the behavioral and thinking process of the person or groups being examined. This methodology is more psychological in its approach. However, in comparison with the qualitative research method is more intensive and thoroughly analyzed. In the current scenario, there is a trend of focus groups.

Focus Group is one aspect of quantitative research method wherein a professional is assigned to conduct in-depth interviews with a set of some people. There are several guidelines and parameters to select those people, however, in the end, they just have to honestly answers and respond to the questions.

There are many facets to qualitative research methods; however, the one that is mostly used by researchers is the10165038016_2e19f18e02_b discourse analysis method. Discourse Analysis is a method of analyzing psychological and philosophical languages of interviews, qualitative researches or any form of a medium where it is possible to extract the socio-psychological content from the same. This method has been extensively used in many scientific disciplines and dissertations. The major parameters of discourse analysis use multiple aspects of interaction such as volume, intensity, speech and style to formulate result and conclusion.

Critical discourse analysis branches out in understanding studies conducted in the arena of social power abuse, dominance, and other major fields where behavioral science is mainly at play.

One example of qualitative research method that one sees in an everyday atmosphere is the forum discussion widely taking place on the internet. The social media has fuelled the process of conducting qualitative researchers as people are getting more and more comfortable with expressing their opinions and mindset in virtual space.

A forum discussion produces an interesting amalgamation of quantitative approaches where subjectivity meets objectivity and vice versa describing a rational approach to data analytics.

Overall, the results that qualitative research provide is deeply reasoned and hence, quite reliable.