Designing the Research

The most important element of research is conducting the research itself. Research is a process-oriented task and therefore, each process should be performed and executed with extreme sensitivity. One of the primary goals of research is to avoid the interference of bias in whatsoever fashion.

Maintaining the objectivity of the research module is quite necessary to reach the reasonable conclusion or truth. Therefore, research tools should be carefully designed after many considerations and observations.

Design of research tools should be ideally segmented into following dimensions:social_red

  • Research Question
  • Problem Statement
  • Literature Review
  • Formulation of instruments: Online/Offline/Interview
  • Choice of Analysis

Firstly, the entire voiced and articulated research question should go through multiple processes of analysis and should be assessed keeping factors of clarity, approachability and result orientation in consideration.

Once the research question is framed, a problem statement should be defined to classify further into designing of the research. A problem statement helps in keeping the agenda of research target-oriented and helps in avoiding any deviation from the research topic. Using the problem statement, multiple sources of literature should be accessed to formulate tool strategy ultimately. Reviewing literature is the most important dimension of the research as it facilitates as the brain of the entire conceptualization process.

The most difficult aspects of the research process is formulating the research objective clearly, and sticking to it throughout the research process. If the research objective isn’t clear, the result after the conduction of investigation is not so satisfactory.

To avoid such glitches, finding out the core problem is always recommended. The research objective should be written and revised over and over for the purpose of clarity.

Lastly, another significant milestone to be achieved in the process of investigation is performing the analysis successfully.

To roundup, research has important elements and its a process-oriented task having. each process performed and executed with extreme sensitivity.

Research is mainly carried out to eliinate and avoid the interference of bias in whatsoever fashion.

Its important to maintain the objectivity of the research moduleso as to reach the reasonable conclusion or truth.