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Designing the Research

The most important element of research is conducting the research itself. Research is a process-oriented task and therefore, each process should be performed and executed with extreme sensitivity. One of the primary goals of research is to avoid the interference of bias in whatsoever fashion. Maintaining the objectivity of the research module is quite necessary

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are used to find out the behavioral and thinking process of the person or groups being examined. This methodology is more psychological in its approach. However, in comparison with the qualitative research method is more intensive and thoroughly analyzed. In the current scenario, there is a trend of focus groups. Focus Group

Quantitative Research Methods

In research, choosing the right methodology is imperative. It should always comply with the research objectives. Quantitative research methods are used to, as the name suggests, quantitative. Whenever, an individual, company or an institution wants to figure out a numerical data about consumer behavior, or organizational performance, the methodology choose by them is quantitative research

Why is Research Important?

The element of research is as old as humans. Research is a matter of survival and curiosity. It has been embedded into the human psychology since the beginning of evolution. Humans researched naturally on various ways to survive. Each and every invention that took place on planet earth has some amount of research gone behind

Analysis of Research

As mentioned earlier in the website, one of the trickiest parts of research is analyzing the results properly. The reason it is considered very tricky is that one’s personal conditioning, observation, biases, and cultural setup come into the picture. No doubt it provides a diversity of opinions, but if one is trying to achieve the

Understanding Psychological Research

Psychological research is a form of research conducted to find out about the psychological behavior or thinking of an individual or a set number of people. As psychology has several branches, psychological research too can differ in its variety. However, the ultimate goal of all the psychological research is to find out about the unconscious,

Understanding Media Research

Application of scientific methods in media and communication has been an interesting domain for the longest time. It has helped in shaping the world’s thoughts and putting them in perspective. It has helped in withdrawing meaningful conclusions for multiple purposes. Media research is not just about the research related to media organizations, but it extends

Research and Career

About Research and Career A career in the research field is rather insightful and interesting. It is interesting because one finds new aspects and facets of human psychology and behavior on an everyday basis. It is insightful because one is always closer to the changes happening in the society on smaller as well as larger